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5 Arm Crystal Bowled Candlelabra

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5 Pcs Swans | Wall Hangings

SKU: RO205
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6 Pcs Hanging Birds | Gold

SKU: RO210
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6 Pcs Hanging Birds | Matte Black

SKU: RO211
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Aglow Golden Trophy Ornament

SKU: GO553
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Antique Horse Sculpture

SKU: RS208
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Antique Metal Cycle Decor Piece by Alfa Decor

SKU: MO536
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Arabic Design Ceramic Urns

SKU: US467
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Arabic-Inspired Exotic Golden Candle Holder

SKU: PO466
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Artificial Bright Plant in Elegantea Ancient Pot

SKU: AP509
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Artificial indoor Plant – Flat Leaf – 2ft Height

SKU: AP270
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Artificial Red Plant in Elegantea Ancient Pot

SKU: AP510
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Botanical Elegance Artificial Plant

SKU: GO567
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Bowl in Cage Candle Holder

SKU: CH475
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Candelabra – 3 Arm

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Candelabra – 5 Arm

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Ceramic Black Plant Pot in Gilded Bowl

SKU: CO533
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Ceramic Swan Duo Ornament

SKU: RS555
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Corner Decor Wardrobe | Rack

SKU: SR147
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Crystal Ball Gilded Legs Ornament

SKU: PO404
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Crystal Ball in Patel Ornament

SKU: PO279
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Crystal Ball Tower Set

SKU: PO528
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Crystal Golden Base Candle Cylinders – Urn Set

SKU: CS434
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Crystal Orange Tree

SKU: CO395
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Deer Head – Wall Hanging Sculpture

SKU: RS357
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Deer Head Diamond Jar Set

SKU: US448
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Deer Head Gilded Crytal Candy – Urn

SKU: US451
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Dual Circle Candle Holder

SKU: CS477
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Elegance Afloat 4 Pink Swan Figurines Set

SKU: RO619
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Elegance Defined Ceramic Cake Serving Plate

SKU: KS588
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Elegance in Elevation Candlesticks Trio

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Elegance in Harmony Ceramic Vase Set

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Elegance Preserved Antique Textured Urn Set

SKU: US624
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Elegant Graceful Pink Swan Sculpture

SKU: RO620
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Elegant Majesty White Horse Sculpture

SKU: RS479
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Elegant Plant Accent (AF590)

SKU: AF590
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Elegant Plant Accent (AF591)

SKU: AF591
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Elegant Plant Accent (AF592)

SKU: AF592
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Online Shopping for Home Decor Items in Pakistan

Are the walls in your house in need of attention? You need to give your walls a facelift using the most up-to-date design items available online. Decor is an expression of one’s individuality. Under this umbrella, a wide range of goods are produced. You may get the best home decor items in Pakistan at a great price from our online shop alfa decor.

Bring Elegance to Your Home Decor with Alfa Decor Collection Of Luxury Home Accessories. 

Even though each interior is unique, it’s the little details that set them apart and make them appealing to the eye. When a room or area is well designed, all of the features are in harmony and contribute to the overall look. Enhance, emphasis, and brighten existing rooms by adding a touch of elegance with our range of home decors items. Our online shop Alfa Decor has a wide variety of furniture available for you to buy in Pakistan.

From minimalist to baroque, industrial to modern, we have a wide variety of accessories that can be adapted to any type of space. As a result of our wide variety of accessories, you’ll be able to develop your own particular style and decorative elements for your home, or any space.

Whether you’re looking for a ornaments, or a side piece for your space, you’ll find plenty of options in our collection of candle stands, tissue boxes, Vases, Planters, Pod Swings and much more.  The items we offer for home decor are light, compact and well-designed that allow you to put them in any space you like. From the living room to your bedroom, lounge or office, let the imagination at ease with our wide selection of accessories for your home.

Home Decor Items for Sale In Lahore And All Over The Pakistan.

When we move into a new house or make changes to the interior of our existing house, we not only replace the furniture but also add new decor items. For those of you who are looking to decorate your home with one of these items, you’re in the right place. Everything from wall art to tabletop decor is available at our online store Alfa Decor.

A store, which stocks a wide range of versatile and useful decor accessories to fulfill your decor needs.

Make a perfect decorated Home with Our Spectacular Collection of Home Decor items.

Decor in your house will be a reflection of your own style and preferences. Creating a home that matches your own personal style might make you feel happier and more at ease. It could also improve the atmosphere of the room and make you more pleased with it. Easily make your home feel more stylish and elegant with these low-cost fantastic home decor items.

Alfa Decor is Pakistan’s largest online shop for home decor, offering a wide selection of items to suit your preferences. Everything from beautiful frames to attractive lamps and more can be found in the home decor range. As a result, you’re free to experiment with a variety of different looks for your home’s interior.

Online Shopping for Home Decor.

Accelerate the purchase of any possible home accessory in this store. You can find a wide selection of clocks for your walls, tissues boxes pictures, paintings vase, candles, flowers and many more. Shop for your most loved products and have them delivered to your door in a flash.

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Our wide range of high-end furniture for the house is a great way to convert any room into something special. With a variety of materials, patterns, colors, styles, and finishes, we’re sure to have something that suits your home’s aesthetic preferences. Scandinavian, modern and cultural decorating styles that will work well in your space. You can also explore an idiosyncratic style that will be inspired by your personal preferences.

With our wide range of home décor available, choosing the perfect item for you within your budget is easy. Our prices are reasonable and competitive, in addition to quality that is comparable to any other store out there. Visit our online shop Alfa Decor to look through our selection of home decor goods, and have it delivered anywhere in Pakistan. It’s that simple.

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